Top 5 Casino Games with the Best Winning Odds for Players

For the recreational gamer, whether online or in a traditional casino, the enjoyment of the gaming itself is a primary reward of playing—but even a recreational player might wonder which of the casino games offer the best winning odds for a player. After all, a payout on top of the gaming fun is not an insignificant element of the gambling experience. The top five casino games, with reference to winning odds in the player’s favor, are generally considered to be roulette, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, and craps.

Online Roulette

Named with a French word meaning “little wheel,” roulette is offered in three variations online: American, French, and British versions. In any of these games, a wheel is divided into equal slices, numbered zero through thirty-six, and alternating in colors of red and black (and with additional green slices of zeroes—two in the American version and one in the European version). Play consists of a mighty spin of the wheel, with a small white ball circling the wheel itself and eventually landing in one of those colored, numbered slices. Players can place a number of different combinations of bets, wagering on where the ball will rest at the end of the spin; bets can be placed based on predictions of the ball’s final position, based on which color (red or black) the ball will land on, or whether it will land on an even or odd number, or a specific group of numbers.

Roulette is, at its heart, a game of statistical probabilities. With thirty-six potential “slices” of the wheel on which the ball can land, the player’s odds when wagering on a specific number are a long shot of thirty-five to one. (The payout will be bigger, with such long odds, but the probability of achieving it is fairly low.) By contrast, wagering on odds or evens, or on red or black, gives the player a one-in-two chance of winning the spin. With the European wheel (one number fewer), the odds of a specific number are better by several percentage points than on the American wheel, so it’s important to recognize what style of game you’re playing as you make your wagering choices.

Online Video Poker

Online poker rooms offer every style of poker game imaginable, from the ever-popular Texas Hold’em to Seven-Card Stud, Omaha, and even Razz (an unusual variation in which the lowest hands take the pot). Online players find themselves placed at a virtual poker table, populated by live players joining the table from all over the world, and represented by “avatars,” or graphic depictions of themselves. Poker tournaments are available around the clock, both in the form of pre-registered (and sometimes paid) seats and the “sit and go” format which accepts continuous rolling sign-ups and launches a new tournament as soon as the requisite number of players register.

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Online Baccarat

Perhaps best known for its play by James Bond in the famous films, Baccarat is a game of skill combined with chance, which has been played at gaming establishments for centuries. Gamers wager on the likelihood of a player (or the dealer, as they choose) winning any given hand, and as the cards play out, a skilled player can easily calculate the probabilities of a win in either direction, making the game a profitable entertainment with the application of wise wagering.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is another game where the outcome is determined by the player’s skill rather than chance, meaning this is another arena in which the odds are in a player’s favor—presuming the player has learned the game. The game of Blackjack involves a contest between the player and the dealer, each drawing cards to add to a hand which (for a win) needs to stay at or under a value of twenty-one points. Understanding the probabilities of a win or loss (by overshooting the target twenty-one) based on the cards already showing, a player can enjoy a gainful game at the online casino.

Online Craps

The game of craps is a dice game, played online with the graphic representation of rolling dice whose rolls are determined by a random generator which assures the same probabilities of outcomes that a face-to-face player would experience at the physical craps table. This is not a game on which a player should venture monetary wagers before learning the complexities of the betting itself, and the different forms of bets the player can place. Craps is not a difficult game, but a player should understand the betting options, and can easily self-educate with online resources before playing. This game is influenced by chance, in the form of the dice rolls, but a player’s wise wagers can make it a profitable form of play.