An explanation of online video poker

Online video poker is an extremely popular game played throughout the world. It arguably owes its popularity to the blend of its core idea (the game of poker) with massive conveniences such as the ability to play from one’s own home, the ability to bet small variable amounts and the ability to play more than one table at a time. Testament to this popularity is the fact that millions of new users each day are signing up to online video poker. You can find it at many online casinos. Here, a few reasons for its popularity are discussed:

Online video poker is a highly flexible game, allowing users to control many of the variables that they otherwise would not be able to in a real-life casino. One of these is the amount bet. Users can wager as little as 25 cents up to five dollars in a game. On top of this, because the dealer is digital, there's never any tipping involved!

Another positive aspect of its digital nature is that it's deemed to be far fairer than its offline cousin: Online video poker is a legally regulated game, meaning that cheating by the house is uncommon (unlike with live casino poker!). In saying this, it is possible for programmers to produce an unfair or 'loaded' game of poker in theory, but this is rare.

The name of online video poker comes from its humble pre-internet roots: The 'video' part simply refers to a video monitor (another work for a computer screen), and the 'online' part is, well.. self explanatory! The games are nearly always “human vs machine”, and much like real poker, they begin with placing a bet (by putting money into the console, transferred from an online casino account).

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Cards are drawn with the click of a mouse on easy-to-use buttons, after which the usual strategy of a game of poker is employed by the player! Choices regarding desirable cards to be 'kept' and less desirable ones should be made, with the end-goal of obtaining a good hand in order to win the game.

This good hand is checked by the online video poker server, after which (if it really is the best hand), the player is declared the winner and prizes are issued. The system mentioned is usually employed when the chances of winning are good, as a marginally 'good' hand (at or exceeding a pair of Jacks) will usually receive a prize. Better hands mean better prizes.

Whilst live casino poker deals with cash prizes, its online video variant uses bank transfers. Likewise, there are no physical chips, but virtualised versions which the player soon learns to attribute the same amounts of importance to!

Online video poker can be a very exciting experience with the prospect of winning vast vast sums of money from the comfort of the player's armchair! Winning, however, is proportional to the amount that a player is willing to put on the line, and their skill at the game of Poker proper. Thankfully, skills is less of an issue online, as one does not have to wager huge amounts. Play it now at JackpotCity.